The aWARE project consolidated knowledge about a wide range of wastewater treatment and water reclamation technologies and identified key issues regarding the production, demand and distribution of reclaimed water. Dissemination of project results and knowledge gathered and transferred to other wastewater/reclamation plants in Europe offered technical and management solutions to promote water reuse amongst other Member States.


The main demostrative actions of the aWARE project included:

  1. Technical , environmental and economic assessment of two different MBR-PAC-NF configurations as advanced treatments for wastewater and reclamation facilities and comparison with the full scale wastewater treatment plant of “ El Prat de Llobregat” consisting of a secondary activated sludge with biological nutrient removal and tertiary treatment followed by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.
  2. Optimisation of operational parameters of an advanced water reclamation scheme based on UF-RO technologies and definition of control and management strategies in order to match treated effluent wastewater production to the demand of different qualities of reclaimed water within the Barcelona reuse scheme.
  3. Assessment of the influence of treated water characteristics obtained by different reclamation schemes on the quality obtained during distribution and evaluation of the impact on the distribution network itself. Definition of best practices and management strategies in order to control the quality of reclaimed water and to cope with variable water demands.