Objectives and expected results

The main objetives and expected results of the aWARE project are:

  1. To demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of an innovative  hybrid MBR-PAC-NF treatment scheme as an alternative to most commonly implemented water treatment and reclamation technologies and to compare them in terms of  removal efficiency of priority and emerging pollutants.
  2. To conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the environmental and economic comparison of the two different MBR-PAC-NF configurations and the existing advanced treatment of “Baix Llobregat” wastewater treatment and reclamation plants. This will enable to have global and comprehensive evaluation and comparisons between a wide range of water reclamation technologies.
  3. Optimisation of operational parameters and fouling control of an advanced wastewater treatment scheme based on UF-RO technologies in order to improve the operational flexibility and reduce associated treatment costs.
  4. To characterise the reclaimed water demand curves for different uses of water (agricultural, ecological flow, seawater intrusion barrier, industrial and recreational uses) and to evaluate the water quality along the reclaimed water distribution network.
  5. To define water management strategies and technical solutions in water treatment and reclamation plants and distribution networks in order to balance the difference in terms of quality and quantity between reclaimed water and water demand different uses of water.
  6. Contribution to the achievement of EU challenges in the water sector, through demonstration of innovative technologies, management solutions. Widespread transfer of project outputs and know-how directly to stakeholders related to the water sector throughout Europe.