aWARE technologies

The aWARE project will demonstrate the technical feasibility and assess the economic and environmental viability of different MBR-PAC-NF configurations for wastewater treatment and water reclamation facilities. The proposed innovative hybrid technologies will especially target emerging contaminants removal, which nowadays are only partially eliminated in water treatment and reclamation processes. The MBR/PAC/NF based prototype will be modular so that a high degree of flexibility will be achieved, enabling the testing of various configurations:


  1. The first configuration will consist of a Membrane Bioreactor with Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes, followed by Nanofiltration Membranes (NF) and enhanced by PAC/GAC addition. In this flowsheet the NF brine will be partially recycled back into the MBR
  2. The second configuration consists of an MBR employing hollow fibre NF membranes for the separation of the treated water from the sludge generated and the application of PAC/GAC to the NF permeate.