• i-Ambiente

    News article published in i-Ambiente

    4 October 2013

    The specialised online magazine i-Ambiente has published a news article about the LIFE+ aWARE project. Written in Spanish, it describes the main objectives of the project.   Read the article in this link. ...

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  • aWARE_ok

    New Life+ aWARE logo

    4 October 2013

    The LIFE+ aWARE project has its new logotype which is the basin of the whole visual identity. ...

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  • 1st EB meeting

    24 July 2013

    The 1st Executive Board meeting was held on 3rd of July 2013 in Barcelona. ...

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  • news

    New LIFE+ aWARE website

    23 July 2013

    The aWARE website has been launched on 30th July 2013. ...

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