The short margin between water demand and avaliability is becoming an important issue in many regions across Europe. In areas with severe water stress, the continuous over explotation of conventional water resources and increasingly prolonged periods of drought have resulted in a reduction of ecological river flows, depletion of groundwater resources and the drying up of wetlands all of which have negative impacts on acuatic ecosystems. In addition this has led to an increase in the levels of contaminants, which together with the decrease in water avalibility represent the main challenges in order to adapt water resource managemt practices to the current scenario.


Water reclamation and reuse is increasingly considered as mean of providing alternative water resorources within a framework of integrated water management. The aWARE project aims to promote the use of reclaimed water by providing innovative solutions to the issues of water scarcity and water quality. The main technological challenges related to water reuse can be summarised as reliability, removal of recalcitrant compounds and reduction of environmental impact of the considered reclamation schemes and technologies. The aWARE project also aims to develop operational strategies that enable water reclamation plants and management organisations to match reclaimed water supply and demands in order to contribute to sustainable reuse scheme practices.