Boosting reuse in the integral water cycle

01. Reuse for integral water cycle sustainability (Albert Teuler, Aigües de Barcelona)

02. Irrigation to groundwater recharge: progress in water reuse in the Costa Brava (Lluís Sala, Consorci de la Costa Brava)

03. The experience of CASSA in reuse for industry and urban uses (Jordi Vinyoles, CASSA)

04. Uses and benefits of water reuse in Alicante (David Santacreu, Aguas de Alicante)

05. Reclamation and reuse in Canarias (Marta López, CANARAGUA)

06. Future challenges in water reuse (Sandra Casas, Cetaqua)

07. Reuse for the removal of priority and emerging compounds: The R&D project LIFE aWARE (Ignacio Martín, Cetaqua)

08. Reuse of urban reclaimed water for industries: The R&D project LIFE WIRE (Olga Ferrer, Cetaqua, and Claudia Gómez, Ecoimsa)