Boosting reuse in the integral water cycle

Cetaqua and Aigües of Barcelona organized on November 9th and 10th the “Promoting reuse in the integral water cycle”, with the aim of making known the different experiences in the field of reuse, and to present the LIFE aWARE results.


Framed in the European projects LIFE aWARE and LIFE WIRE, led by Cetaqua, the conference attracted more than 50 attendees from public entities, technological centers and companies. The day featured experiences of re-use (Aigües de Barcelona, Consorci de la Costa Brava, Aguas de Alicante, CASSA and CANARAGUA), and the challenges and barriers facing the water sector in this area. A specific focus was given on the main research projects in this area, and in particular on the presentation of the technical results of LIFE aWARE by the project partners (Cetaqua, Aigües de Barcelona and LNEC). LIFE aWARE aims at comparing advanced systems for the elimination of priority and emerging compounds.


The increase of population and the scarcity of water resources make necessary a correct management of the water, adapted to the needs of the society. The reuse of water is considered a great challenge worldwide, becoming an alternative, since the treated water could be used in agricultural irrigation, parks and gardens, street cleaning, recreational uses, in industry, for the recharge of aquifers or other environmental uses, which would reduce the pressure on conventional water resources. In this way, the reused water would perfectly fulfill the demands of what we know today as Circular Economy.


You can find the photos of the congress here.


Also, you can download the presentations here.