The aWARE project dealt with the issues of water scarcity, the removal of priority and emerging pollutants within the urban water cycle, the demonstration and optimisation of innovative and state of the art wastewater treatment and water reclamation and reuse technologies as well as the management of reclaimed water in centralized water distribution networks.


aWARE is an R&D project co-funded by the European Commission, through the LIFE+ Environmental Policy & Governance programme. The project started in January 2013 and ended in November 2016. The aWARE project was coordinated by CETaqua Water Technology Center, and counts with Aigües de Barcelona, Empresa Metropolitana de Gestió del Cicle Integral de l’Aigua (AB) and Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC) as project partners.



Last update: November 16th 2017